My Journey with my Life Time Companion: Music

It all began when my older brother started a band at school with his friends.  He played the accordion and I was not allowed near it. I was very young at the time. As I watched and listened to them play, I felt an urge, an obsession even to take that accordion and to play it. I was aching to discover all the beautiful notes and sounds it could make.

One day, I decided to make my wish come true. When nobody was at home, I unpacked the accordion and started to experiment with it. I didn’t realize I was playing for hours when suddenly, my mother walked in on me and saw me playing with my brother’s instrument. At first, she thought it was my brother who was playing because the music was actually good. The instrument was almost as big as I was at the time, so she was shocked.

Time went by, after my mom discovered my talent, she realized that I was able to play any song that I heard on the radio without any musical instruction or notes!  

Some of the first songs that I played was by an Egyptian singer. He was among the most popular Egyptian and Arab singers of all time. Abdel Halim Hafez was not just a singer; he was an actor, conductor, businessman, music teacher as well as a movie producer. He is considered to be one of the greatest five Egyptian and Arab musicians. It was his song that I constantly listened to on the Radio, and tried to play on my brother’s accordion that day without any previous knowledge of music.

From that day on, my mother registered me to the school band and bought me my own accordion.

I kept playing in the school band for years where I discovered other instruments, but mostly I discovered my passion for the drums. I was lucky enough to take lessons with one of the greatest teachers at that time, the loved and respected Mr. Labib Hennen, may he rest in peace.

In the 1980s, computers and technology began to enter our lives. I was a simple musician in a band but, all of a sudden, I could compose and arrange music for a whole song by myself. I started falling in love with music even more then. I graduated from University, and started building my own music studio with the assistance of Swiss and English specialists in the sound industry, Mr. Terry Nelson and Mr. Colin Broad. Building the studio with these gentlemen was a huge learning experience.

In 1994, I founded my own production company “Digitec Records”, where I produced several albums for the great Nubian Egyptian singer and actor “Mohamed Mounir”. We also composed songs for “Amr Diab”, who at the time, was the first Middle Eastern Egyptian artist to start making high-tech music videos. Throughout the years, we continued working with other stars like Hisham Abbas, Mohamed Mohey and many more.

After seven years of ups and downs in the music business, my father passed away, and duty called me to the family business. Twenty years have passed since then. The urge, the obsession with music never left me. Like the title of one of my new singles states: “I Need The Music”. Now is always a good time as they say. I am producing my own music again. I am back with my Love. I am back to my passion. In fact, it never even left me. It is a part of me. I AM Music.

Past & Present

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